How to Prepare for IIT JAM Mathematics Without Coaching

IIT JAM stands for Joint Admission Test for Masters, and it is conducted by one of the member IITs (Indian Institute of Technology). The IIT JAM test is well-known for providing a direct path to famous IITs, IISERs, NITs, and IISc for Masters and Integrated Ph.D. programs. 

Every year, more than 55,000 students participate in the country’s top M.Sc. Entrance Exam to get admission to IITs, NITs, and IISERs.

 IIT JAM Mathematics Exam (Joint Admission Test for Masters) is the ideal M.Sc. Entrance Test for you if you wish to be a part of research and frontier areas of mathematics. However, you must have a well-thought plan and discipline to crack the exam.

On that note, let’s discuss a few crucial tips in a lucid manner that help you chart out a strategy to prepare for the IIT JAM Mathematics exam effectively.

Examine the Syllabus Carefully

Understanding the syllabus is the most critical aspect of any exam preparation. You should be quite clear about the important and minor themes. Calculus, Analysis, Linear Algebra, and Abstract Algebra are the most important. Differential equations are among the minors.

The second question is how much you need to score in order to get into your dream school. In this situation, it’s about 50 points, which indicates that out of 54 questions, you can skip 30 or so. 

However, while covering the aforementioned major topics, leave no stones unturned. For example, while studying Linear Algebra, cover all topics concerning Transformation Matrix, Vector and Spaces, and Alternate coordinate systems in depth.

Secure Good Study Resources

Next comes the choice of good books. You must refer to those books and study material that contain credible and updated information that is relevant to the exam.

Real Analysis – S. Kumaresan

Calculus – F. Ayres, E. Mendelson

Advanced Calculus – R. Wrede, M.R. Spiegel

Linear Algebra done right – Sheldon Axler

Differential Equations – R. Bronson, G. Costa

One piece of advise is that many people waste time reading incorrect books and become demotivated as a result.

The difficulty is that these exams necessitate analytical talents on the side of the student, which are honed when you solve problems independently. It won’t help if you only read books. Consider the subject of analysis: practically everyone will recommend Rudin or Bartle-book. Sherbert’s They’re good books, but they don’t help you improve your analytical skills. They’re intended for a leisurely read after you’ve gotten to know the subject.

Prof. Kumaresan’s book, on the other hand, does not give anything away mechanically. It reminds me of a video game. You continue to solve problems, you begin to comprehend concepts, and you gain confidence, which is the most effective way to acquire topics such as symmetric matrix. Small exercises are used to introduce terminology and conventional results.

Clear Your Basic Concepts

If you wish to improve your math skills, you must comprehend the fundamental concepts and principles of mathematics. Examine all of the essential principles you learnt in 11th, 12th, and graduate classes, as well as the core concepts presented in the IIT JAM Mathematics study material.

Solve Previous Years’ IIT JAM Papers

To complete your preparation, you should solve all of the IIT JAM papers from the previous ten years. This will enhance your self-assurance and indicate whether you need to go over anything again. The past years’ Question papers can be downloaded free from official IIT JAM websites.

Take the Mock Test

Attempting IIT JAM Mathematics mock tests will help you improve your speed and grasp of mathematics. The IIT JAM Mock Test gives you valuable experience and allows you to identify your weak and strong themes, allowing you to assess your level of preparedness. You will also learn where you are deficient and where you are strong.

Stay Positive

Most importantly, avoid anyone who says “it can’t be done.” You already know what they think, but they don’t have a solution. They are terrified of you and want you to work for them. So stay away from the sceptics.

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