NURSERY ADMISSION KOLKATA, Admission Procedure, Fee Details Rules & Regulation

NURSERY ADMISSION KOLKATA :- It has been noted that the Loreto school that is located in the area of the Kolkata, is believed to be one of the best schools when it comes to the nursery admission in Kolkata. It has been observed that the school uploads all the important papers and the notice on the official website and the person can remain in updated form while going through all the details of the website. The website has uploaded about 5-6 notices regarding the information that says that the admission in the nursery will be uploaded on the website and this will be uploaded in the form of list of the students who are eligible for the admission.  


In order to undergo the process of registration, it has been noted that the person must be following all the necessary details that has been mentioned in the points below. 


Given below in the basic information that has to be kept in mind while we are approaching towards the application form and this has been generated for the session 2020-21 

Rules to be followed

  1. All the candidates must keep this in mind that the information has to be read properly before we proceed towards the filling of the application from. This step will certainly help in preventing the chances of the mistakes and all the work will be done with utmost sincerity and presence of mind. 
  1. Each and every entry that has been made in English language only and at the same time the person must be filling all the details in the block letters. This step is necessary as the block letters makes it easy to read and this could be easily understood by every person.  
  1. This particular application form will be possible only for nursery class. 
  1. There has to be proper matching of the eligibility criteria that means that the person must be born in between the 2015 1st April and 2016 march 31st.  
  1. The candidate must make this very clear that they carry the document that gives them the proof of the age and this will be possible because of the birth certificate that has been issued to them with the help of the municipal corporation.  
  1. It has been noted that the Aadhar card or may be the electricity bill can be taken into consideration and this will be submitted so that the person is able to show the address proof to the school office members. For this purpose, they can also make the use of the voter’s id od may be the passport. Any one could be used for this use.  
  1. There has to be presence of mandatory family photograph that should not miss any of the important family member. Parents and grandparents along with the child should be present in the photograph. 
  1. The proof related with the income certificate must be present with the parents and this has to be shown to the office members. This will help in providing the salary statement that will be linked to both father and mother. 
  1. It has been noted that the application form cost about 200 rupees and this amount is not refundable at any cost. 
  1. This should be made very clear that the application form will be cancelled if the person does not provide with correct and true information and at the same time the person must be filling all the recommendation form or the reference form with utmost dedication and sincerity.  
  1. All the candidates who have been selected for the next round, there name or the enrollment numbers will be displayed. 

Online application & Procedure for NURSERY ADMISSION KOLKATA 

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