PSI Full Form- All PSI Full Form in English

PSI Full Form- All PSI Full Form in English

What is PSI?

There are many words related to PSI Words, which we hear and read in our daily routine, like the full form of a PSI word is also Police Sub Inspector.

Police sub-inspector is an officer in the police department, who works under his police station area on the basis of the Indian Penal Code and on the basis of the Indian Constitution.

Police Sub Inspector works under the Indian Penal Code in India. Police sub-inspector files charge sheet against the accused under the Indian Penal Code. To become a police sub-inspector, you have to appear for SI exam. To become a PSI, the applicant must be a citizen of India. To become SI, your chest size should be 80-85 cms and height should be 170 cms.

psi full form

PSI Full Form in India

PSI (Pound per Square Inch) –

The full form of PSI is also pound per square inch, which is a kind of unit of pressure. A PSI i.e. a POUND PER SQUARE INCH equal to the pressure when applied over an area of ​​one square inch. PSI is the measurement of force in inches, which is applied to a square area.

PSI (Population Service International) –

Another meaning of PSI is also (Population Service International – International Population Services), it is a global organization, which has been established for the improvement of the health of the people in the developing countries of the world. This health organization works to save people from many serious diseases like heart disease, cancer disease, pneumonia, diarrhea etc.

Maybe you are aware of this but the headquarters of this PSI are in Washington. It was implemented in India in 1988 when working from this institution was implemented. Recently, in about 20 states in India, this institute employs more than 1000 employees. This institute works for the health of the people in India.

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